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                        法律翻譯中without prejudice to怎么翻譯?

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                         27.1 Without prejudice to Party B’s rights to terminate this Agreement pursuant to Article 11.2, the parties may agree that if, during the Lease Term, the Premises are in part or in whole :

                        27.1 在不影響乙方根據第11.2款終止本合同的權利的情況下,雙方可同意,在租賃期內:
                        Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies which a party may have under this Agreement, the parties acknowledge and agree that damages may not be an adequate remedy for any breach of this Agreement and the remedies of injunction, specific performance and other non-monetary remedies (in addition to damages) as permitted by PRC law are appropriate for any threatened or actual breach of any provision of this Agreement and no proof of special damages shall be necessary for the enforcement of the rights under this Clause 18.2.
                        18.8.2     Any Notice may be delivered by hand or sent by fax with confirmation receipt followed by first-class mail posted within 24 hours, or by overnight courier. Without prejudice to the foregoing, any Notice shall be deemed to have been received on the next working day in the place to which it is sent, if sent by fax, or 72 hours from the time of posting, if sent by overnight courier, or at the time of delivery, if delivered by hand.
                        18.8.2     一切通知可經專人送遞,或以附有確認收據的傳真方式送遞隨后再于24小時內以頭等郵件方式郵寄,或以隔夜速遞的方式送遞。在不影響前述規定的前提下,一切以傳真送遞的通知在收件地的下一個工作日視為收到,以隔夜速遞方式送遞的通知在寄出之后72小時視為收到,以專人送遞的通知在遞交時視為收到。
                        12    Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies which a party may have under this Agreement, the parties acknowledge and agree that damages may not be an adequate remedy for any breach of this Agreement and the remedies of injunction, specific performance and other non-monetary remedies (in addition to damages) as permitted by PRC law are appropriate for any threatened or actual breach of any provision of this Agreement and no proof of special damages shall be necessary for the enforcement of the rights under this Clause 12.
                        12    在不影響任何一方在本協議下可能享有的任何其他權利或補救權的前提下,各方確認并同意,對本協議的任何違約僅進行損害賠償可能不足以補救該等違約,因此守約方就任何潛在、或實際地違反本協議任何規定的行為尋求停止侵害、實際履行及中國法律允許的其他非金錢補救措施(附加于損害賠償)均為適當的,且在強制執行本第12條項下權利時無需提供任何特別損失證據。
                        Any Notice may be delivered by hand or sent by fax with confirmation receipt followed by first-class mail posted within 24 hours, or by overnight courier. Without prejudice to the foregoing, any Notice shall be deemed to have been received on the next working day in the place to which it is sent, if sent by fax, or 72 hours from the time of posting, if sent by overnight courier, or at the time of delivery, if delivered by hand.
                        10.4 Each right or remedy of Party A under this Agreement is cumulative and without prejudice to any other right or remedy of Party A whether under this Agreement or any law.
                        10.4 本協議項下甲方的每項權利或補救是累積的,并不影響甲方在根據本協議或法律享有的任何其他權利或補救。
                        8.2   Without prejudice to Clause 8.1, the EJV shall be entitled to terminate this AGREEMENT if the COMPANY fails to remedy a material breach within 15 days of receipt of a formal notice containing the invitation to perform, to be sent by registered mail with notification of receipt or by fax.
                        8.2   在不影響第8.1款規定的前提下,如果公司在收到以掛號郵件隨附收件通知方式或以傳真方式發出的包含履約邀請的正式通知后15日內未能糾正重大違約行為,合資公司有權終止本協議。
                        9.9   This AGREEMENT (together with the documents referred to herein) represents the entire agreement between the PARTIES in relation to its subject matter and cancels and supersedes all previous agreements between the PARTIES, whether written or oral, without prejudice to the right of the EJV and/or FERRARI to receive outstanding payments due under any such agreements.
                        9.9   本協議(及其中提及的文件)代表了雙方之間就其標的事宜達成的全部協議,并取消和取代雙方之間此前的所有協議(無論是書面或是口頭的),但不影響合資公司和/或法拉利收取任何該等協議項下到期未付款項的權利。
                        This paragraph is without prejudice to EJV’s right not to proceed with the delivery and/or to terminate immediately this AGREEMENT as set out in Clause 8 and claim compensation for damages.
                        5.2.2       Any notice may be delivered by hand or sent by fax or prepaid post. Without prejudice to the foregoing, any notice shall conclusively be deemed to have been received on the next Business Day in the place to which it is sent, if sent by fax, or 72 hours from the time of posting, if sent by post, or at the time of delivery, if delivered by hand.
                        5.2.2       任何通知可以專人遞送、傳真或郵資預付的郵件方式交付。在不影響前一句規定普遍性的前提下,任何通知若以傳真發送,決定性地視其在發送方所在地的下一個營業日送達;若以郵件發送,決定性地視其在投寄后滿72個小時時送達;若以專人遞送,決定性地視其在交付時送達。
                        18.5.2     Any Notice may be delivered by hand or sent by fax with confirmation receipt followed by first-class mail posted within 24 hours, or by overnight courier. Without prejudice to the foregoing, any Notice shall be deemed to have been received on the next working day in the place to which it is sent, if sent by fax, or 72 hours from the time of posting, if sent by overnight courier, or at the time of delivery, if delivered by hand.
                        18.5.2     一切通知可經專人送遞,或以附有確認收據的傳真方式送遞隨后再于24小時內以頭等郵件方式郵寄,或以隔夜速遞的方式送遞。在不影響前述規定的前提下,一切以傳真發送的通知在收件地的下一個工作日視為收到,以隔夜速遞方式送遞的通知在寄出之后72小時視為收到,以專人送遞的通知在遞交時視為收到。
                        22.2.2     Within 20 Business Days after the occurrence of a Forte and Xinyuan Termination Event, without prejudice to the accrued rights and liabilities of the Parties, Forte and Xinyuan may, by notice to CSL,  terminate the CJV Contract and these Articles and apply to liquidate the CJV and the provisions of Article 23 shall apply.
                        22.2.2     復地股份、新遠房產終止事件發生后20個營業日內,在不影響各方已產生的權利和義務的前提下,復地股份、新遠房產可以經通知CSL終止《合作合同》和本章程,提出清算合作企業,并且第23條的規定應適用。
                        22.3.2     Within 20 Business Days after the occurrence of a CSL Termination Event, without prejudice to the accrued rights and liabilities of the Parties, CSL may, by notice to Forte or Xinyuan to terminate the CJV Contract and these Articles and liquidate the CJV; and the relevant provisions of Article 24 shall apply accordingly.
                        22.3.2     CSL終止事件發生后20個營業日內,在不影響各方已產生的權利和義務的前提下,CSL可以通知復地股份、新遠房產終止《合作合同》和本章程,提出清算合作企業,并且第23條的規定應適用。
                        20.3 With prejudice to the generality of the above, CYL, Yongye Group, Yongye Joint Stock and the EJV shall not make any public announcements relating to the shareholdings or shareholders of SJL without the prior written consent of SJL.
                        20.3 在無損于上述一般性規定的前提下,CYL、永業集團、永業股份和合資公司不得在未獲得SJL事先書面同意的情況下作出任何與SJL股權或股東相關的公告。
                        22.2.2     Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default, without prejudice to the accrued rights and liabilities of the other Parties (“Non-defaulting Parties”), the provisions of Article 23 shall apply.
                        22.2.2     在發生違約事件后,在不影響其他方(“守約方”)已產生的權利和責任的前提下,第23條的規定應適用。
                        (a)        The Company shall be terminated according to Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprise Law and the Implementation Regulation as well as other relevant law and regulation of PRC.  Additionally without prejudice the appropriate context the Company may be terminated upon the unanimous decision of the Board, written approval of the Investor and approval by the original examining and approval authority.
                        (a)   公司可根據《外商投資企業法》及其實施細則以及其他中國有關法律和規定所載明的任何情況終止經營。此外,在不影響上下文規定的情況下,如董事會一致同意和投資者書面許可并經原審批機關批準,公司也可終止經營。
                        6.2   Without prejudice to any other remedies available to the Purchaser, if in any respect the provisions of Clause 6.1 are not complied with by the Vendor on the Completion Date the Purchaser may:
                        6.2   在不影響買方可享有的任何其它補救的原則下,如果賣方于成交日期在任何方面未遵從第6.1條的規定,則買方可:
                        6.2.2       proceed to Completion so far as practicable (without prejudice to its rights under this Agreement); or
                        6.2.2       在切實可行的范圍內進行成交(在不影響其在本協議下的權利的原則下);或
                        As soon as practicable after the execution of this Agreement, the parties shall procure that a notice of transfer relating to the sale and purchase of the Business is published in accordance with the provisions of the Transfer of Businesses (Protection of Creditors) Ordinance.  Any such notice shall be in the form set out in Schedule [ 13 ] and shall be given without prejudice to the rights and obligations of the parties, as against each other, under this Agreement.
                        10.1 Without prejudice to the Warranties, the Vendor shall be responsible for, and shall keep the Purchaser fully and effectively indemnified against:
                        10.1 在不影響保證的原則下,賣方須對以下各項負責,并就以下各項使買方完全地及實際地獲得彌償:
                        14.6.1     arising out of or in any way connected with the Transferring Employees during the period when they were in the Vendor’s employ, including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing:
                        14.6.1     因調任雇員在其受雇于賣方的時段內引致的或在任何方面與此有關的上述各項,在不影響上文一般性的原則下,包括:
                        19.4 This guarantee and indemnity is in addition to and without prejudice to and not in substitution for any rights or security which the Purchaser may now or hereafter have or hold for the performance and observance of the obligations, commitments, undertakings, warranties, indemnities and covenants of the Vendor under or in connection with this Agreement [or the Property Agreement].
                        19.4 本擔保及彌償是附加于及不損害并且不取代買方現時或此后可能有或持有的任何權利或保證,以履行及遵守賣方根據或就本協議或〔財產協議〕而有的義務、承諾、承擔、保證、彌償及契諾。
                        23.4 Any right of rescission conferred upon the Purchaser hereby shall be in addition to and without prejudice to all other rights and remedies available to it (and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, shall not extinguish any right to damages to which the Purchaser may be entitled in respect of any breach of this Agreement) and no exercise or failure to exercise such a right of rescission shall constitute a waiver by the Purchaser of any such other right or remedy.
                        23.4 本協議所賦予買方的任何撤銷權須附加于及不損害其可獲得的所有其它權利及補救(且在不損害前文的一般性原則下,不終絕買方就本協議被違反而可能享有的獲得損害賠償的任何權利),而行使或沒有行使上述撤銷權并不構成買方放棄任何上述其它權利或補救。
                        (c)   In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the Vendor has in relation to the Business observed all of its obligations in relation to:
                        (c)   特別地,并在不損害前述規定的概括性原則下,賣方已就業務遵從其就以下事宜須承擔的一切義務:
                        12.2 the provisions of any such Occupational Retirement Scheme relating to any employees or former employees of the Vendor including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the actuarial assumptions used in connection with any such scheme; or
                        12.2 關于賣方任何雇員或前雇員的任何上述職業退休計劃的條文,在不影響前文的一般性原則下,包括就任何上述計劃使用的精算假設;或
                        2.    In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing,] to execute in our name and on our behalf (with all such amendments thereto as he shall deem necessary or desirable):
                        2.    特別是,但在不影響上文的一般性原則下,〕以本公司的名義并代表本公司簽署(連同其視為必要或適宜的以下文件的一切修訂):
                        Without prejudice to the generality of Clause 5.1, Party A shall collaborate fully with the Company in relation to all material matters concerning the carrying out of the Existing Business Activities between the date of this Contract and Completion and during that period shall procure that in relation to the Existing Business Activities Party A shall not without the prior written consent of the Company:
                        In the event of a breach of this Contract, without prejudice to the rights of the non-breaching Party under this Contract, the breaching Party shall be liable to compensate the non-breaching Party for any losses, damages, costs, expenses, liabilities or claims that the non-breaching Party may suffer as a result of such breach.
                        11.4.1     it shall be found that any of the Warranties was, when given, or will be, or would be, at Completion (as if they had been given again at Completion) not complied with or otherwise untrue or misleading, the Company shall be entitled (in addition to and without prejudice to all other rights or remedies available to it and its successors in title including the right to claim damages) by notice in writing to Party A to terminate this Contract, but failure to exercise this right shall not constitute a waiver of any other rights of the Company or its successors in title arising out of any breach of Warranties; or
                        11.4.1     若任何保證在做出時未獲遵守、或不真實或具有誤導性,或將會在交易完成之時(如同在交易完成之時做出)未獲遵守、或不真實或具有誤導性,合資公司有權(該等權利附加于且不影響其及其權利繼承人享有的包括要求損害賠償的權利在內的所有其他權利或救濟權)書面通知甲方終止本合同,但未行使此項權利不構成合資公司或其權利繼承人對因任何違反保證的行為享有的任何其他權利的放棄;或
                        8.04 If any of the representations and warranties of Yuncheng Aluminum made in Articles 8.01 and 8.02 hereof are at any time found to be untrue or incorrect, the Company shall have the right to rescind this Contract by providing written notice to Yuncheng Aluminum without liability on its part and without prejudice to any other rights it may have under the laws of the People's Republic of China.  Alternatively, the Company may elect to reduce the Purchase Price in respect of which any of the representations and warranties of Yuncheng Aluminum are found to be untrue, misleading or incorrect and/or any damages incurred by the Company as a result of such breach by Yuncheng Aluminum.
                        8.04 如果在任何時間發現運城鋁業在本合同第8.01條和第8.02條所作的任何聲明和保證是不真實的或不正確的,則公司將有權在本身無須負責和不損害其在中華人民共和國法律項下的任何其他權利的情況下通過向運城鋁業發出書面通知解除本合同。作為替代方法,公司也可選擇降低購買價格,(所發現不真實的、有誤導性的或不正確的運城鋁業的任何聲明和保證和/或由于運城鋁業的上述違約使公司發生的任何損害賠償皆與該購買價格相關)。
                        17.3 The right of termination in Clause 17.1 shall not prejudice any Party’s rights under this Contract and under PRC law to claim against the other Party for any losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses suffered by it due to the other Party’s breach of contract, including without limitation, its rights stated in Clause 19.1 hereof.
                        17.3 第17.1條的終止權利,不得損害任何一方根據本合同及中國法律規定,就其因對方違約而受到的任何損失、損害賠償、債務、費用和支出而向對方提出索賠的權利,包括但不限于本合同第19.1條所述的權利。
                        2.2   Interest.  The Borrower shall with respect to all monies payable under this Deed pay interest from the due date to the date of payment (as well after as before any demand or judgment and notwithstanding the liquidation of the Borrower) at such rates as shall from time to time be charged by the Lender and upon such terms as may from time to time be agreed with the Lender and such interest shall be compounded in the event of it not being punctually paid with monthly rests or as otherwise determined by the Lender but without prejudice to the right of the Lender to require payment of such interest and all such interest shall form part of the monies hereby secured.
                        2.2   利息。借款人應就本契約項下應付的一切款項支付利息,自到期應付之日起至付款之日止(在任何要求或判決之前和之后,以及即使借款人被清算),按貸款人不時收取的利率以及按與貸款人不時商定的條款計息。如果上述利息沒有準時支付,則應按月或貸款人確定的其它方法計算復利,但不得損害貸款人要求支付上述利息的權利,而且所有上述利息應構成本契約予以擔保的款項的一部分。
                        The Borrower agrees that the Lender shall (without prejudice to any general or banker’s lien, right of set-off or any other right to which it may be entitled) have the right, without notice to the Borrower or any other person, at any time to set off and apply any credit balance on any account (whether subject to notice or not and whether matured or not and in whatever currency) of the Borrower with the Lender and any other indebtedness owing by the Lender to the Borrower, against any monies, obligations and liabilities of the Borrower to the Lender on any other account or in any other respect whether actual or contingent and the Lender is authorised to purchase with the monies standing to the credit of any such account such other currencies as may be necessary for this purpose.  [Until payment in full of the Secured Indebtedness the Lender shall, in addition to any other rights and remedies, have a lien on all the property and assets of the Borrower from time to time in the possession of or registered in the name of the Lender or its nominees (including, but not limited to, all stocks, shares and marketable or other securities) whether such property and assets are held for safe custody or otherwise.]
                        Subject to Article 10.4 and without prejudice to any antecedent rights, this Contract shall cease to have effect as regards any Party who ceases to hold any Equity Interest, except for those Articles which are expressed to continue in force after termination of this Contract.
                        Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies of a Party, the Parties acknowledge and agree that damages would not be an adequate remedy for any breach of this Article 26 and the remedies of prohibitory injunctions and other relief are appropriate and may be sought for any threatened or actual breach of any such provision and no proof of special damages shall be necessary for the enforcement of any Party’s rights under this Article 26.
                        Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, where any Party provides to the EJV or the other Party documents containing Trade Secrets it shall mark on the document in a prominent place “strictly confidential, contains material not to be disclosed, copied or transmitted to any third party without permission”.  The General Manager shall formulate internal rules and regulations for the management and protection of Trade Secrets which shall be applied by the staff of the EJV.  Relevant provisions on the protection of Confidential Information and Trade Secrets shall be included in each of the EJV’s labour contracts with its employees.
                        30.2.2     Within [20] Business Days after the occurrence of a Party A Termination Event, without prejudice to the accrued rights and liabilities of the Parties, Party A may, by notice to Party B, terminate this Contract, liquidate the EJV and the provisions of Article 31 shall apply.
                        30.2.2     甲方終止事件發生后[20]個營業日內,在不影響雙方已產生的權利和義務的前提下,甲方可以經通知乙方終止本合同,清算合資公司,并且第31條的規定應適用。
                        30.3.2     Within [20] Business Days after the occurrence of a Party B Termination Event, without prejudice to the accrued rights and liabilities of the Parties, Party B may, by notice to Party A, terminate this Contract, liquidate the EJV and the provisions of Article 31 shall apply.
                        30.3.2     乙方終止事件發生后[20]個營業日內,在不影響雙方已產生的權利和義務的前提下,乙方可以經通知甲方終止本合同、清算合資公司,并且第31條的規定應適用。
                        Without prejudice to Articles 30, 31 and 32.2, if a Party  (the “Breaching Party”) or any of its Associated Companies commits a material breach of a Transaction Document, the other Party (the “Non-Breaching Party”) may give a notice (a “Default Notice”) notifying the Breaching Party of its breach and requiring it to be remedied within [30] Business Days of the date on which the notice is effective under this Contract.
                        In the event of a breach of this Contract, without prejudice to the rights of the Non Breaching Party set out in Articles 30 and 31, the Breaching Party shall be liable to compensate the Non Breaching Party for any [direct or indirect]  losses, damages, costs, expenses, liabilities or claims that the Non-Breaching Party may suffer as a result of such breach.]
                        [In the event of a breach of this Contract, without prejudice to the rights of the Non-Breaching Party set out in Articles 30 and 31 the Breaching Party shall be liable to compensate the Non-Breaching Party for direct and actual (but not consequential or indirect) damages, losses, costs, expenses, liabilities or claims, that the Non-Breaching Party may suffer as a result of such breach incurred].
                        Where a breach of contract occurs in relation to both this Contract and the Articles in relation to the same event, the Non-Breaching Party shall not be entitled to recover twice in relation to the same event giving rise to the breach, but the foregoing is without prejudice to its rights to recover (subject to the foregoing) in relation to any separate breach or repeated or subsequent breaches of the same provision.
                        Termination of this Contract or dissolution of the EJV for any cause shall be without prejudice to the rights and liabilities of the Parties accrued at the time of termination or dissolution.
                         (a)   procure that insurance is taken out and maintained on the Equipment, at a value not less than the full replacement value thereof or the aggregate of the Rental Payments from time to time outstanding under this Agreement whichever is the greater, comprehensively against all loss or damage from whatsoever cause including, without prejudice to the generality thereof, any loss, damage or destruction by fire, theft, accident or special peril and such other risks as the Lessor may from time to time nominate in writing;
                        (a)   確保按不少于設備的十足重置價值或本協議下不時發生的未付租金的總額(兩者以數額較大者為準)購買設備不論因任何原因而產生的一切損失或損害的綜合保險,包括(但在不影響其一般性原則下),因火災、失竊、意外事故或特別災難而造成的任何損失、損害或毀壞以及承租人不時書面提議的其它風險;
                        11.6 If at any time the Equipment or any part thereof or any other risk specified in sub clause 11.1 is not so insured as aforesaid, or if the Lessee shall fail to produce any such policy or receipt as aforesaid, the Lessor shall without prejudice to its rights in respect of any such breach be entitled, but not obliged, at the expense of the Lessee to insure the Equipment or any such other risk and keep them so insured during the period referred to in this Clause, and the Lessee will pay to the Lessor on demand any sums expended by the Lessor for such purpose with interest from the time of the same having been expended until such payment at the rate specified in sub clause 5.5.
                        11.6 如設備或其任何部分或第11.1條規定的任何其它風險于任何時候沒有按前款規定購買保險,或者如承租人未能按前款規定出示任何上述保單或收據,出租人有權(但無義務)在不影響其就上述任何違約而享有的權利的條件下為設備或上述任何其它風險購買保險,并保持其在本條所述期間內均如此投保,費用由承租人負擔。承租人將一經要求即連同利息向出租人支付出租人為上述目的所支出的一切款項,利息自上述款項支出之日起計至按第5.5條規定償付時止。
                        11.7 Without prejudice to any other provision of this Agreement the Lessee agrees to indemnify the Lessor against any loss, liability, damage, claim, demand or expense whatsoever suffered or incurred by the Lessor and arising out of or in connection with any failure by the Lessee to comply with its obligations under this Clause 11.
                        11.7 在不影響本協議任何其它條款的情況下,承租人同意就出租人因承租人沒有履行其在本第11條下的義務或與上述不履行有關而遭受或引致的任何損失、責任、損害賠償、申索、要求或開支而對出租人作出彌償。
                        19.9 Intervention by Lessor  If the Lessee fails to comply with any provision of this Agreement, the Lessor may, without being in any way obliged to do so or responsible for so doing and without prejudice to the right of the Lessor to treat that non compliance as a Termination Event, effect compliance on behalf of the Lessee, whereupon the Lessee shall become liable to pay immediately any sums expended by the Lessor together with all costs and expenses (including legal costs) in connection therewith.
                        19.9 出租人的干預  如承租人沒有遵守本協議的任何條文,出租人可以(但無任何義務或責任這樣做及在不影響出租人有權將該不遵守行為當作為終止事件的情況下)代表承租人遵守,而承租人有責任立即支付出租人因此支出的任何款項以及與此有關的一切費用和開支(包括法律費用)。
                        The Lender may, without prejudice to its other rights hereunder, terminate its obligation to make the Facility available and declare the Loan together with all accrued interest and other moneys payable under this agreement repayable immediately (or in accordance with such declaration) at any time after any of the following events (“Events of Default”) shall have occurred (so long as the same is continuing):
                        3.    We agree that you shall (without prejudice to any general or banker’s lien, right of set-off or any other right to which you may be entitled) have the right at any time without notice to set off and apply any credit balance on any account of us with you (whether subject to notice or not and whether matured or not and in whatever currency) and any other indebtedness owing by you to us against our liabilities under this Counter-indemnity (whether actually or contingently due), and you are authorised to purchase with the monies standing to the credit of any such account such other currencies as may be necessary for this purpose.
                        3.    本公司同意,貴公司/貴行(在不損害任何一般或銀行留置權、抵銷權或貴公司/貴行有權享有的任何其它權利的原則下)有權在任何時間,在無須給予通知的情況下,運用本公司在貴公司/貴行開立的任何賬戶的任何貸方余額(不論是否須通知,亦不論是否已到期及以何種貨幣)及貴公司/貴行欠本公司的任何其它債務,抵銷本公司在本反彌償契據下的債務(不論其為實際到期須付或者待確定到期須付),并且貴公司/貴行獲授權以在任何上述賬戶貸方的款項購買為此目的而必需的其它貨幣。
                        In connection with its appointment hereunder as administrator, the Administrator shall, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing:
                        11.2 The Custodian shall execute ownership and other certificates and affidavits for all fiscal tax and other purposes from time to time in connection with Investments delivered to or by it or to its order under this Agreement and shall pay any taxes which are required to be paid in connection therewith (all such payments being debited to the account of the Company) and shall make applications and reports to the competent [                    ] and other authorities under any [                    ] and other laws, treaties, agreements or conventions (if any) in order to secure any tax or other privileges and benefits to which the Company is or may be entitled in connection with such Investments (including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, to exempt from taxation any exemptable transfers and/or deliveries of any such Investments or in connection with the collection of interest and dividends thereon).
                        11.2 保管人須不時就根據本協議向其或其所指定的人交付的或由其交付的投資為一切財政稅收及其它目的簽署所有權證及其它證明書和誓章,須支付規定就投資支付的任何稅款(一切該等付款須記入公司帳下),并須根據任何〔                   〕及其它法律、條約、協議或公約(如有的話)向主管〔                     〕及其它當局提交申請和報告,以便確保公司有權或可能有權享有關乎該等投資的任何稅收特惠或其它特權及利益(包括,在不損害前款規定的一般性的原則下,免除就任何可免稅的任何該等投資的轉讓和(或)交付或與該投資收取的利息及股息有關的稅收)。
                        3.2   If in any respect any of the foregoing provisions of this Clause [3] is not complied with on the Completion Date by any of the Parties, the remaining Parties (other than the Company) may (acting unanimously) at their option defer Completion [until    ] (and so that the provisions of this Clause shall apply to Completion as so deferred).  Unless such remaining Parties so defer Completion, this [Agreement] [Deed] shall terminate on the Completion Date, but without prejudice to any claim which any Party may have against any other Party for breach of contract.
                        3.2   如各方中的任何一方于成交日在任何方面不能符合本第〔3〕的任何前述條文,則其余各方(公司除外)可(一致行動)自行選擇延遲成交〔直至    年  月  日〕為止(以使本條條文適用于如此延遲的成交)。除非其余各方如此延遲成交,否則本〔協議〕〔契據〕須于成交日終止,但不影響任何一方就違約而有權針對任何其它的一方提起的任何申索。
                        10.1.2     if the other Shareholder does not offer to purchase the Leaver’s Shares in the manner and within the period provided in [Article [  ]], the Leaver may (without prejudice to its rights to sell such Shares to a third party pursuant to [Article [ ]  ]) by notice in writing to the Directors and to the other Shareholder require a general meeting to be convened for the purpose of winding up the Company.  The Shareholders will procure that such a general meeting be convened within thirty days of the Leaver’s notice.  The Shareholders will procure that the Directors first make a declaration of solvency (if applicable).  Both Shareholders shall attend or be represented at such meeting or at any adjournment thereof and no Shareholder shall be entitled to vote otherwise than against a proposal to adjourn the meeting or in favour of the resolution for the winding up of the Company unless both Shareholders otherwise agree.
                        10.1.2     如另一股東沒有以〔第〔 〕條〕所規定的方式并在〔第〔 〕條〕所規定期間內提出購買退出方的股份,退出方可(在不影響其依據〔第〔 〕條〕向第三方出售其在該等股份的權力的情況下)向董事及另一股東發出書面通知,要求就公司的清盤而召開大會。股東將促使該股東大會在退出方通知后三十日內召開。股東將促使董事首先作出有償付能力的聲明書(如適用的話)。兩個股東均應出席或派代表出席該會議或該會議的任何延會;除非兩個股東另行協議,否則任何股東除反對押后會議的提議或贊成結束公司業務的決議外,無投票權。
                        11.2 If a Termination Notice is given pursuant to Clause 11.1, the Shareholder not in default (in this Clause hereinafter referred to as the “Beneficiary”) shall (without prejudice to its other rights and remedies) have the right:
                        11.2 如已依據第〔11.1〕條發出終止通知書,沒有失責的股東(在本條提述為“受益人”)(在不影響其所享有的其它權利及其它補救方法的原則下)有權:
                        3.1   Without prejudice to its rights to terminate the employment contract of a Seconded Employee in circumstances justifying dismissal, Yuncheng Aluminum shall use all endeavors to procure that the Seconded Employees will at all times during the Transition Period be employed by Yuncheng Aluminum pursuant to their respective employment contracts.  Yuncheng Aluminum will furnish the Company with a copy of any notice of termination of the employment contract given to or received from a Seconded Employee promptly after such notice has been given or received, as the case may be.
                        3.1   在不影響其在有合理解雇理由的情況下終止某位派遣員工的雇用合同的權利的前提下,運城鋁業應盡一切合理努力促使派遣員工在過渡期內按照其各自的雇用合同始終受雇于運城鋁業。運城鋁業應將發給某派遣員工的或從某派遣員工收到的有關終止雇用合同的通知(視情況而定)及時抄送公司。
                        8.2   If any of the following events occurs, the Company shall, without prejudice to its other rights under this Agreement or at law, be entitled to terminate this Agreement by giving at least ten (10) days’ prior written notice to Yuncheng Aluminum:
                        8.2   如以下任何情況發生,公司應有權向運城鋁業發出至少十(10)天事先書面通知終止本協議,而不影響其在本協議項下的權利或法律賦予的其他權利:
                        27.1 Without prejudice to Party B’s rights to terminate this Agreement pursuant to Article 11.2, the parties may agree that if, during the Lease Term, the Premises are in part or in whole :
                        27.1 在不影響乙方根據第11.2款終止本合同的權利的情況下,雙方可同意,在租賃期內:
                        Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies which a party may have under this Agreement, the parties acknowledge and agree that damages may not be an adequate remedy for any breach of this Agreement and the remedies of injunction, specific performance and other non-monetary remedies (in addition to damages) as permitted by PRC law are appropriate for any threatened or actual breach of any provision of this Agreement and no proof of special damages shall be necessary for the enforcement of the rights under this Clause 18.2.
                        18.8.2     Any Notice may be delivered by hand or sent by fax with confirmation receipt followed by first-class mail posted within 24 hours, or by overnight courier. Without prejudice to the foregoing, any Notice shall be deemed to have been received on the next working day in the place to which it is sent, if sent by fax, or 72 hours from the time of posting, if sent by overnight courier, or at the time of delivery, if delivered by hand.
                        18.8.2     一切通知可經專人送遞,或以附有確認收據的傳真方式送遞隨后再于24小時內以頭等郵件方式郵寄,或以隔夜速遞的方式送遞。在不影響前述規定的前提下,一切以傳真送遞的通知在收件地的下一個工作日視為收到,以隔夜速遞方式送遞的通知在寄出之后72小時視為收到,以專人送遞的通知在遞交時視為收到。
                        12    Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies which a party may have under this Agreement, the parties acknowledge and agree that damages may not be an adequate remedy for any breach of this Agreement and the remedies of injunction, specific performance and other non-monetary remedies (in addition to damages) as permitted by PRC law are appropriate for any threatened or actual breach of any provision of this Agreement and no proof of special damages shall be necessary for the enforcement of the rights under this Clause 12.
                        12    在不影響任何一方在本協議下可能享有的任何其他權利或補救權的前提下,各方確認并同意,對本協議的任何違約僅進行損害賠償可能不足以補救該等違約,因此守約方就任何潛在、或實際地違反本協議任何規定的行為尋求停止侵害、實際履行及中國法律允許的其他非金錢補救措施(附加于損害賠償)均為適當的,且在強制執行本第12條項下權利時無需提供任何特別損失證據。
                        Any Notice may be delivered by hand or sent by fax with confirmation receipt followed by first-class mail posted within 24 hours, or by overnight courier. Without prejudice to the foregoing, any Notice shall be deemed to have been received on the next working day in the place to which it is sent, if sent by fax, or 72 hours from the time of posting, if sent by overnight courier, or at the time of delivery, if delivered by hand.
                        4.10 Branding. Upon delivery, the Equipment shall not feature any names (including manufacturer’s name), logos, corporate color schemes, branding or any advertising marks, paraphernalia or identifications (collectively the “Branding”). Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions on confidentiality set forth herein, Supplier shall have no right to – and shall not - advertise or otherwise disclose or publicize its lease of the Equipment to BOB, at any time.
                        4.10 品牌。設備一經交付,便不再帶有任何名稱(包括生產商的名稱)、圖標、公司顏色方案、標志或任何廣告標志、附屬標志或身份(通稱“品牌”)。在不減損本協議中列出的有關保密的一般性規定的前提下,供應方無權——且不得在任何時候對其向BOB租賃設備一事做廣告或披露或公開其向BOB租賃設備一事。
                        16.1       The Supplier acknowledges that BOB has entered into this Agreement taking into account the Supplier’s expertise and skill in the design and manufacturing of the specialized broadcasting Equipment including ancillary equipment suitable for the Intended Purpose, and agrees that it (the Supplier) shall not assign, delegate or subcontract its rights or obligations hereunder to any third party without the explicit prior written consent of BOB. To the extent as necessary for performance of this Agreement, the Supplier shall have the right to assign, subcontract or sublicense its rights or obligations, in part or in whole, provided that such assignment, sub-contract or sub-license shall be without any material prejudice to BOB and is promptly notified to BOB by Supplier. BOB may cancel this Agreement for cause should Supplier attempt to make an unauthorized assignment of this Agreement or any right or obligation arising hereunder.
                        16.1 供應方承認BOB簽署本協議是考慮到供應方在設計和制造適合預期目的的專業轉播設備及其附屬設施方面的特殊專長和技能,并同意未經BOB事先明確書面同意,其(指供應方)不得向任何第三方轉讓、委托或轉包其在本協議下的權利和義務。在履行本協議所必需的范圍內,供應方應有權轉讓、轉包或再許可其全部或部分權利或義務,但是,此等轉讓、轉包或再許可應對BOB沒有任何實質性損害,并且供應方應及時通知BOB。如果供應方試圖對本協議或由本協議所產生的任何權利或義務進行未經許可的轉讓,BOB可以以此為由取消本協議。
                        the Operator shall have the right to terminate this Agreement by giving twenty (20) Business Days’ notice sent by registered mail with return receipt requested without prejudice to any other right or remedy.
                        24.3.4    The arbitral tribunal shall have the authority to make such orders granting interim or provisional relief during the pendency of the arbitration as it deems just and equitable. Any such order shall be without prejudice to the final determination of the controversy.

                        24.3.4     仲裁期間,仲裁庭有權視情況在其認為公平合理的情況下,下令給予臨時救濟。仲裁庭的此類救濟令并不影響其最終做出結果相反的裁決。


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